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Why Life Insurance?

One moment it's sunny and the day's going the way you want it. The next moment, without warning, the clouds loom and the storm comes quickly and unexpectedly. You don't want to be caught in a storm without a place you can find shelter and refuge in. The same is true with the storms of life. We don't know when they will come – but they will. And knowing this, you can act to keep your family safe – by ensuring that they have shelter to run to that will keep them warm and protected.

Life insurance is one solid pillar you can add as you are building your financial shelter. It provides answers to the vital question:

"What will happen to your family if you are gone?"

This may be a difficult question to consider. Who wants to think about being gone? If you're young, the probability of it happening is highly unlikely. But it is possible. It could happen and it has happened. At the loss of a loved one, a family is faced not just with emotional trauma but with financial difficulty as well.

If a breadwinner, someone like you to whom the family depends on for financial support, suddenly goes out of the picture...

  • your family may be hard-put to come up with the funds to supply their basic needs. How much does your family spend for basic necessities – groceries, utilities, transportation and rental/mortgage? Are your savings enough to cover these basics for a sustained period of time in the event that you die? Even if your spouse is already earning an income, that income alone may not to sufficiently provide for your family's needs.

  • you may leave your family with substantial bills due to a hospitalization, as well as funeral and burial expenses. Your unexpected demise may come with some hospitalization due to an illness or an accident. This will involve a considerable amount which will be another burden for your family to bear in the face of already dwindling finances.

  • your family may lose your home and other assets. Mortgage payments make up a considerable part of the family's budget and your family may not be able to keep up with these on a regular basis. They may be forced to face foreclosure on your home, a home which you have sunk a considerable amount of money for. Also, your family may be forced to sell other assets in order to have money for their needs.

  • your children may have to miss out on a college education. You've been meaning to set aside some money towards your child's education, right after you have paid off a car or some debts. And then poof, you're gone! This may mean that your child will have to forego college or put himself through college.

Don't let these happen to your family!

Life insurance is being there for your family at a very difficult time.

Life insurance can help pay for:

  • Outstanding debts owed to a mortgage or credit card
  • End of life expenses – the costs involved in one's funeral and burial as well any hospital bills
  • Your family's household expenses
  • Your child's education (or your dependent parents' care and medication)

There is no amount of money that can fully compensate for a loss of a loved one. But ensuring their financial stability in the undesirable event of your loss is one way to soften the blow.

With life insurance, you are able to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Life insurance gives you peace of mind, knowing that your family is financially safe and stable.

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